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Austen Players

Fandom at it's finest

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A community of dedicated Austen fans going through the Pride and Prejudice adventure.

Some guidelines
**No character to character comments (ex: Lizzy can't comment to Charlotte)
**Maintainers only, tomake non-character posts (In other words, please refrain from making posts on your regular LJ name, if you need to say something put an OOC (out of character) snippet at the end of your post :))
**Person to character comments are allowed (ex: chattyfingers can comment to Mr. Darcy)
**Characters can post in scenes they're in, whether they play a major part or not
**No specific schedule (Maintainers will make general announcements on the pace of the community)

The point of this is for fanatical Austenites to engage in role-playing, while remaining authentic and appropriate. ;) We hope it will be great fun to come up with the motives and thoughts of the people throughout the story.

Characters are free to post not only to the community but in their own journals for the entertainment of all. :)

If you need help with icons for your character contact annabanana86 @ unique_southern_belle @ yahoo . com

annabanana86 = Lizzy Bennet/misselizabethb
= Mrs. Bennet/ mrsbennet
nelliegirl = Mr. Darcy/mr_darcy
abideinchrist = Jane Bennet/janebennett
pianistamy = Kitty Bennet/ kittybennet
seekinghim = Charlotte Lucas/charlotte_lucas
lesmotcles = Mary Bennet/bookishmary
chattyfingers = Georgiana Darcy/
Aunt Gardiner/
Lady Catherine de Bourgh/ladydebourgh_gg
pansyprincess = Miss Bingley/ miss_bingley
amandagrace = Lydia Bennet/ lydia_bennet
Lauren = Mr. Bingley/ mr_bingley